What is a coping machine?

The BEST definition for a coping machine is any types of automation, machines or mechanical devices that can make one part properly fit/mate another part regardless of industry

In the steel fabrication and ironworking industry, the action of "coping" is usually accomplished by cutting using thermal, pressure or electricity but not limited to other methods that uses metal cutting or abrasive tools such as saws, milling machines, lathe machines, grinders, and many other methods to make mating parts.

Below is a perfect example of a coping machine that AMTEK has invented and improved over a period of 20 years to serve the steel fabrication industry. In the early 2000, AMTEK has invented multiple coping machines such as the very first oxy-fuel single torch beam coping machine and the plasma handrail machine for distribution all over the USA and were later copied by many large popular manufacturers. We specialize in coping machines and the material handling that come with them, therefore, it is no surprise that we have the most affordable, the most reliable, and the most simple to use machine in the industry.

In the steel fabrication industry, coping materials to mate other material is probably the most difficult task and very time consuming ... not to mention the mistakes on difficult profiles. We understand there are many methods of coping steel beams, and each method has its pros and cons. Let us examine the different methods to see which would fit your fabrication requirements.

  Oxy-Fuel Cutting  Plasma Cutting  Oxy-Fuel Cutting  Plasma Cutting 
Preheat  YES  NO  Time Consuming 
Piercing  YES  YES  Blow Back  Blow Back 
Cutting  YES  YES  Max (0.5") 12mmps  Max (10") 254mmps 
Min Thickness  0.2" or 5mm  0.0625 or 2mm     
Max Thickness  6" or 5mm  2.5" or 65mm     
Consumable Costs  Very LOW  Very HIGH  1X  could be 1000X 
Power Costs  Very HIGH (Fuel + Oxy)  Very LOW (electricity)  10X  1X 

So Why Choose AMTEK APC1200 For Your Coping Needs?

1. With our patent-pending dual torch head you will have BOTH Oxy-Fuel and Plasma cutting capability WITHOUT having to change the tool. So TOOL CHANGE time = 0.

2. We use SHORT TIPS for oxy-fuel cutting which will PROLONG the life of the tip and cuts your costs up to 100 times

HarrisĀ® Size 2 6290-NFFL One Piece Specialty Extended Reach Cutting Tip
Harris Calorific
Airgas Part #:HCL1501053
Manufacturer Part #:1501053
$ 140 28 / Each


Koike Aronson/Ransome Size 0 102 One Piece Cutting Tip
Koike Aronson Inc
Airgas Part #:KOIZTIP10200

Manufacturer Part #:ZTIP10200
$ 20 00 / Each


3. We have done careful calculations of consumable costs and resource costs to maximize your profits

4. Our patent-pending torch collision sensors makes our machine one of a kind

5. The probing system is a money saver when it comes to detecting material imperfections for beveling

6. Our laser marking is SUPER FAST and SUPER FINE, especially you can select the depth of marking

7. Our measuring system is the simplest in the industry and the MOST accurate with the LOWEST maintenance

8. Our service is one of the fastest in the industry at the current time

9. Our control takes only 15 minutes for training a new operator.

10. Super simple to install. Installations usually takes 4 hours for the machine and 1 week if a full set of material handling comes with it.

Comparison Video 

Plasma Coping End Cope 
Using Hypertherm PowerMAX 125
2002 Oxy-Fuel Coping with Harris long, EXPENSIVE torch
Currently, this torch costs anywhere from $140 each
Very easy to bend
2018 Oxy-Fuel Coping with SHORT Koike torch
Currently, this torch costs anywhere from $20 each
Hardly bends
Hydraulic Full Stroke Clamps  
Oxy-Fuel Cutting Torch
Plasma Cutting Torch
PowerMAX 125 
Hypertherm PowerMAX 125 
Laser Layout Marking  
24 inch TOUCHSCREEN Control
APC1200 Control
APC1200 Wireless Remote
Material Handling Control Console
MH Console
APC1200 Measuring System

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